Science outreach publications

Here are listed a selected few from my publications in science outreach magazines and websites, arranged by year.


  • TOMOTANI, B.M. & DE LA HERA, I. 2017. Early birds do not catch the “extra worm”. British Ornithologists’ Union Blog (11-Sep-2017).  [LINK]
  • TOMOTANI, B.M.; MUIJRES, F.T.; KOELMAN, J.; CASAGRANDE, S.; VISSER, M.E. 2017. Male pied flycatchers with wing gaps are not so good at flying but maintain their breeding success. Functional Ecology – plain language summaries (05-Sep-2017).  [LINK]


  • TOMOTANI, B.M. & SALVADOR, R.B. 2016. Over(bird)watch. Journal of Geek Studies 3(2): 16-24.  [PDF]


  • SALVADOR, R.B. & TOMOTANI, B.M. The birds of James Bond. Journal of Geek Studies 2(1): 1-9.  [PDF]


  • SALVADOR, R.B. & TOMOTANI, B.M. The Kraken: from myth to science. The Malacologist Feb/2014: 17.
  • SALVADOR, R.B. & TOMOTANI, B.M. The Kraken: when myth encounters science. História, Ciências, Saúde -Manguinhos 21: 971-994.   [PDF]
  • TOMOTANI, B.M. Robins, robins, robins. Journal of Geek Studies 1(1-2): 13-15.  [PDF]