Other publications

Here are listed a selection of other publications, including expanded abstracts published in conference proceedings, poster presentations and internet articles.

Book Chapters:

  • TOMOTANI, B.M. 2010. Crypturellus noctivagus (Wied, 1820). In: Bressan, P.M.; Kierulff, M.C.M.; Sugieda, A.M. (Eds.) Fauna Ameaçada de extinção no Estado de São Paulo – Vertebrados. Fundação Parque Zoológico de São Paulo & Secretaria do Meio Ambiente, São Paulo. P. 104.
  • TOMOTANI, B. M.; RAMAKERS, J.; GIENAPP, P. 2016. Climate Change Impacts: Birds. In: Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (eLS). John Wiley & Sons, Chichester.

PhD Thesis:

  • TOMOTANI, B.M. 2017. Managing time in a changing world: timing of avian annual cycle stages under climate change. University of Groningen, Groningen. 325 p.